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10 Things You Should Do On Zillow Today

(Since this post I have written a more updated list.  You can find the updated post here.  Zillow is now reaching 9 million people a month.  Double that of when this post was written!)


In my job at Zillow I meet with a lot of Realtors and have heard many creative ways that agents are using Zillow to further their business.  Based on these comments, I have typed up the top 10 ways agents can get involved with the Zillow website and reach out to our 4 million monthly users. 

1.  Look up the home you are selling on Zillow.  Know the Zestimate so you can be prepared if buyers want to discuss this number with you. 

2.  Edit the home's facts.  Was there recently do a kitchen remodel?  Do public records say that it is a three bedroom house, when really there are four bedrooms?  Edit the home's facts to arrive at your own Zestimate which will be published next to Zillow's automated estimate. 

3.  Post your listings for sale for FREE.  When a home's status changes to "for sale" on Zillow, traffic for that home increases over 200%.  Post your listings (and as many photos as you'd like) for free on Zillow. 

4.  Create a personal profile for FREE  This is your persona on Zillow-when you post a listing for sale, report a home for sale, ask a question or post an answer, or edit a Wiki page,.  On your profile page, you can add a photo, self-description, contact information, web site address, company name and location.  Any contact the Zillow community makes with you through this page is free.

5.  Report homes for sale.  Zillow is opening up the site to the entire community to tell us which homes are for sale and for how much.  This is a great way to appear as an expert in a particular area of town.

6.  Ask and answer Questions on home detail pages.  On every home detail page users can "ask a question," or, if a question is already posed, you can "write an answer."  To do this, you must just be registered with Zillow.  All questions and answers link to your profile page.  Home Q&A is about enabling real estate conversations online where they are useful and helpful for everyone, and lets you have an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience.  If you're a listing agent and post your listing on Zillow, you will be automatically updated each time there's a new question or answer on one of your listings.

7.  Contribute to the Real Estate Wiki.  The wiki is a place to find up-to-date and relevant information on home buying, selling and financing, written for and by Zillow's community of users.  Any registered Zillow user can add, edit, remove and change the content in the wiki, and you'll receive links back to your profile.

8.  Look up For Sale By Owner listings and Make Me Moves (MMM) prices.  Agents should spend time on the site to learn about the "Make Me Move" market that is available to them, whether their intentions are to prospect or expand the pool of homes a client could consider for sale.  In competitive markets Make Me Move homes can be an alternative stream of available homes for clients.    

9.  Incorporate Zillow into your listing presentation.  While a private home owner can post their own home for sale, there is value in an agent doing it for them and maintaining the copy, photos, and public inquiries.  Show the home owner that you know how to maximize Zillow's marketing tools and that you will handle the process for them.

10.  Buy an EZ Ad.  Want even more exposure on Zillow?  EZ Ads are a low-cost, self-service way for real estate professionals to reach local buyers and sellers on Zillow.  EZ Ads will show up throughout Zillow, on our map and home details pages, in the particular zip codes the advertiser chooses.  Advertisers are able to promote themselves, their company or a specific home in a specific zip code.  You can see the performance of your ad in real time, including the number of times it has been clicked on and the number of times it has have been shown.

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(Since this post I have written a more updated list. You can find the updated post here Zillow is now reaching 9 million people a month. Double that of when this post was written! ) ----------------- In my job at Zillow I meet with a… more
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