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Name:Sara Bonert
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Description:A real estate blog about buying, selling and all the stuff in between! I work for Zillow and am happy to answer any questions you have about the site.

Real Estate And My Professional Career:



I work as the Director of Broker Relations for Zillow, responsible for making sure real estate professionals know about and are effectively using all the resources available to them on Zillow to connect with our audience of almost 15.7 million monthly users.

This includes things like working with Brokers to set up free data feeds, making sure Agents have created Professional Profiles, and helping people understand how to use Zillow Advice.

I have been involved with the industry for about 14 years, check out the video of me to learn more about my background.

If you're a real estate professional looking to learn more about how to promote yourself on Zillow, please call our sales group at 866-324-4005.



The views expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

Real Estate And My Personal Career


I bought my first home, a condo, in Atlanta in 2001.  I remember what a big deal it was to be a first time homeowner.  I lamented over each decision necessary along the way and looked at over 25 homes, only to buy the first one I had seen!  After that first process was over, I was hooked and have been involved in buying and selling many properties as primary residences and investments.  Today my husband and I own and actively manage rental properties in Waukee, IA; Chicago, IL; Hudson, FL; and Ft Walton Beach, FL.

I recently just moved back to Atlanta, after being in Chicago for 7 years.  We are currently renting, while we figure out where in the Atlanta area is the right neighborhood for us.