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Want Friends and Followers? Quit Talking About Yourself!

I love reading Dan Zarrella's blog where he uses data from 60,000+ Twitter accounts to report on trends. 

Today's revelation: "Accounts that have more followers do not tend to talk about themselves much."

While interesting because it has data to support this claim, I couldn't help but think - doesn't that apply in the real world too?  How many people are attracted to those who opine on and on about themselves? 

Once again, another example about how 'in person' actions that give you desired outcomes are examples of how you should act in the social media world as well. 





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Comment balloon 14 commentsSara Bonert • January 29 2010 08:11AM
Want Friends and Followers? Quit Talking About Yourself!
I love reading Dan Zarrella's blog where he uses data from 60, 000+ Twitter accounts to report on trends. Today's revelation: " Accounts that have more followers do not tend to talk about themselves much " While interesting… more
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