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Focus Rally America

Whitney, who works in ZIllow's PR department, and her boyfriend (an Active Rain employee!) are trying to win a spot on this reality TV show.  It is similar to The Amazing Race.  Being that I am a huge fan of reality TV, Whitney and Active Rain - I had to reBlog this and ask that you help them win!  Please read Will's post below. Simply 'liking' their fan page is a big help!


Focus Rally America


Friends- Ford is teaming up with the creators of The Amazing Race to create a new web series -- Focus Rally America. Basically, it's the ultimate interactive cross-country road trip.

Seeing as my girlfriend and I are both reality TV and social media junkies, we decided throw inhibitions to the wind and try out for the show.

Well, guess what----we’re national finalists (whoot whoot)!  To catapult ourselves to the top of the finalist list, we need some serious help expanding our social media networks.

Focus Rally America 

5 quick things you can do to help get Will and Whit on Focus Rally America:


1.   Follow us on Facebook

a.   Will http://www.facebook.com/whitney.tyner#!/

b.   Whit http://www.facebook.com/williecurry


2.   Like our personal Focus Rally America Facebook page

a. Facebook Fan Page


3.   Follow us on Twitter

a.   Whit http://twitter.com/#!/whitneyt

b.   Will http://twitter.com/#!/willurban


4.   Subscribe to our YouTube Channels

a.   Will http://www.youtube.com/urbanbeachfox

b.   Whit http://www.youtube.com/user/WhitneyT333


5.   Donate your status to us on Facebook

a.   “My friends Will Curry and Whitney Tyner are trying out for a reality TV show! “like” their Facebook page for a chance to win a car!


A ‘lil something something about us:

Whit and I (or Willitney as our friends like to tease) met at a house party on a rainy Seattle night nearly two years ago. Our shared interest in fashionable footwear, faith, giving back, real estate, and anything device starting with the letter “i” quickly lead to love.

How we plan to “pay it forward”:

As participants on Focus Rally America, we’d strut our stuff to raise money (and new  2012 Ford Focus wheels) for the following causes:

-     Our hypothetical future as a couple J

-     Our favorite non-profits (specifically, the YWCA, Young Life, and Alzheimer's Foundation of America)


 More About the Ford 2012 and Focus Rally America:

 #1Feature: Focus Rally America: Power Shift

“Part of what makes Focus so satisfying to drive is its fully engaging available six-speed PowerShift automatic transmission, which delivers seamless gear changes and excellent responsiveness. And because it’s also designed to be fuel-smart, you can have plenty of fun, without paying the price at the pump. Select models also include SelectShift technology which allow you to change gears at the touch of a button.”

Ford Focus


Benefit to Will and Whit while on the Focus Rally America challenge: We’re cheap. This will save us money.

#2 Feature: Focus Rally America: Power Shift

“The available SYNC® entertainment and communications system allows you to easily operate most popular MP3 players and Bluetooth®-enabled phones with simple voice commands.* SYNC® even gives you peace of mind with 911 Assist™ and Vehicle Health Report. “

Benefit to Will and Whit while on the Focus Rally America challenge: When we get sick of talking to each other, we can talk to SYNC.


#3 Feature: Focus Rally America: MyKey™ technology

“MyKey™ technology is a feature designed to help parents encourage teenagers to drive safely. It allows owners to designate a key that will operate special features. For example, MyKey™ can restrict the vehicle’s top speed to 80 mph and limit the entertainment system’s audio volume to 44 percent of maximum volume. It also provides a warning when the fuel tank reaches 75 miles to empty.”

Benefit to Will and Whit while on the Focus Rally America challenge: Running out of gas will certainly give the “others” a competitive lead. This can NOT happen. Plus, if a teen somehow takes the wheel, we’ll be able to monitor their tunes.


#4 Feature: Focus Rally America: My Ford Touch


“Introducing available MyFord Touch technology. It will do for the Focus what touch screens did for the phone. A simple, intuitive eight-inch touch screen you can customize puts the controls at your fingertips.Many functions are voice-activated. Meanwhile, steering wheel-mounted controls let you use the system and keep your hands on the wheel. “

Benefit to Will and Whit while on the Focus Rally America challenge:  So…essentially, this is an iPad in the car. Take that, Steve Jobs!


#5 Feature: Focus Rally America: Rain Sensing Wipers

“Our available rain-sensing wipers are all-new for the 2012 Focus. When activated, they use an advanced optical sensor to detect the intensity of rain and/or snowfall to adjust wiper speed. They automatically go on when moisture is sensed.”

Benefit to Will and Whit while on the Focus Rally America challenge: We’re from Seattle, and can handle the rain, but snow is another beast!

Read more about the 2012 Ford Focus and Focus Rally America here: http://www.fordvehicles.com/cars/focus/2012/features/?gnav=foot:ford%20focus:features#page=Feature16





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